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Proper Usage of the ORA Designation

Certified Operational Risk Actuaries may use the following designations only

  • ORA.

  • Oertified CRA.

  • Operational Risk Actuary – Certified by the Israel Association of Valuators and Financial Actuaries.


Suggested uses for the ORA designation

  • After your name in written correspondence and/or as part of your e-mail signature.

  • After your name on business cards, letterheads and/or name plates.

  • As an identifier in resumes, curriculum vitas, biographies, personal statements and/or published articles.


Usage Guidelines

  • When using the letters only, they must be capitalized (i.e. ora is not a proper use).

  • When spelling out the ORA designation, at minimum, the first letter in each word should be capitalized  (i.e. operational risk actuary is not a proper use).

  • The ORA designation may not be altered in any way or used to form new symbols or designs nor may they be translated into another language  (i.e. ORa  is not a proper use).

  • The ORA designation may not be used in conjunction with a company name or as part of an e-mail address (ORAProvider@webhosting is not a proper use).

  • The ORA designation must be used only as an adjective, not in a generic manner or as a common name (i.e. Stating that all doctors are “PhDs” and all operational risk actuaries are “ORAs” is considered generic and is unacceptable).

  • Articles, advertisements or promotional materials should indicate that the ORA designation is owned by IAVFA.

Proper Usage for the Operational Risk Actuary (ORA) Designation

The ORA designation adds significant value to your credentials. Having earned the ORA certification, you are eligible and encouraged to acknowledge your achievement by using the certification designation on your business cards and where appropriate in your business activities

The Israel Association of Valuators and Financial Actuaries (IAVFA) is a professional organization, an institution for professional training and a body which specializes in placing professional employees in the financial sector in Israel. IAVFA strives to voluntarily regulate the professions of valuation and financial actuarial science in Israel, both by setting pre-qualification requirements, ethical principles for practitioners in these professions, and by training and certifying quality professionals for these professions. IAVFA provides both placement services in order to integrate its credentialed members in leading positions within the Israeli labor market, and mediation services between valuation consumers and valuation specialists.

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