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Financial and Economic Modelist (FEM) Certification Program

Each module in the FEM certification program consists of 8 practical sessions (6 academic hours each) + an exam session.  Transition between the modules is contingent upon compliance with the requirements of the module. One can participate in any of the modules and gradually accumulate them until earning the FEM certification, in a period not exceeding 3 years.


One can participate in the 5 modules of the FEM certification program also under the continuing education programs and not in order to obtain the FEM designation. In this case one is not required to complete previous modules as a prerequisite and those modules will not include passing exam and/or submiting a report.


In order to earn the FEM designation the candidate will have to complete the exams of all the modules, in which he or she was not tested.


At the end of the FEM certification program in order to earn the FEM designation, one is required to prepare a FEMreport, such as the reports prepared by leading professionals in Israel and abroad in the field of financial and economic modeling.


The FEM report will accompany the certified FEM in meetings with potential employers or in his or her activitiy as a owner of a financial advisory office and will constitute as a entary ticket and a signal that he or she is familiar with the world's best practices in the field of the FEM certification.


The cost of each module in the certification programs which includes 48 academic hours over eight weekly sessions is 5,000 NIS (VAT & registration fee included).
Opening date: November 9, 2015.


The studies will take place on Sundaysat Levinsky College Campus, Tel Aviv, beween 16:30 to 21:30.

The parking is free and one can easily arrived by public transport. 


Module Registration Application (PDF)


Module FV201: Corporate Finance Models (PDF)


Module FV202: Portfolio Models (PDF)


Module FV203: Option-Pricing Models (PDF)


Module FV204: Bonds and Duration (PDF)


Module FV205: Financial and Economic Modeling (PDF)

Financial and Economic Modelist Valuator (FEM) Certification Program

The FEM certification program includes 240 academic hours divided into 5 modules (courses), 48 academic hours each.

The Israel Association of Valuators and Financial Actuaries (IAVFA) is a professional organization, an institution for professional training and a body which specializes in placing professional employees in the financial sector in Israel. IAVFA strives to voluntarily regulate the professions of valuation and financial actuarial science in Israel, both by setting pre-qualification requirements, ethical principles for practitioners in these professions, and by training and certifying quality professionals for these professions. IAVFA provides both placement services in order to integrate its credentialed members in leading positions within the Israeli labor market, and mediation services between valuation consumers and valuation specialists.

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