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The Israel Association of Valuators and Financial Actuaries (IAVFA) recognizes the many changes, which applicable in its operation lines, and offers to practitioners and academics professional education program. The program includes a variety of professional education courses which constitute a professional refresher, for whom It has been a while since he was a student, with innovative and updated practices used in leading international organizations.


IAVFA's professional education courses are the best gift which a economic/financial/pension/statistical/actuarial/business consulting office and/or accounting/law firm owner can give to himself and/or to his employees. This is especially true for commercial banks, investment banks, insurance companies, financial institutions, investment advisory and portfolio management companies as well as private and public companies and government bodies.


Each professional education course includes 48 academic hours over eight weekly sessions.
The professional education courses are offered at attractive prices for IAVFA's members and provided by the best instructors in Israel.


The professional education courses take place at Levinsky College Campus, Tel Aviv, Israel, beween 16:30 to 21:30.


At the end of the professional education course participants will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement or a Certificate of Participation by the Israel Association of Valuators and Financial Actuaries (IAVFA).


IAVFA's Professional Certifications and Continuing Education Programs Brochure (PDF)


Module Registration Application (PDF)


IAVFA's Professional Certifications and Continuing Education Programs in Financial Actuarial Science:


Module FA201: Foundations of Financial Actuarial Science (PDF)


Module FA202: Quantitative Analysis (PDF)


Module FA203: Financial Markets and Products (PDF)


Module FA204: Valuation and Financial Actuarial Science Models (PDF)


Module FA205: Market Risk Actuarial Science (PDF)


Module FA206: Credit Risk Actuarial Science (PDF)


Module FA207: Operational Risk Actuarial Science (PDF)


Module FA208: Investment Risk Actuarial Science (PDF)


Module FA209: Life Risk Actuarial Science (PDF)


Module FA210: Pensions Risk Actuarial Science (PDF)


IAVFA's Professional Certifications and Continuing Education Programs in Financial and Economic Modeling using Excel:


Module FV201: Corporate Finance Models (PDF)


Module FV202: Portfolio Models (PDF)


Module FV203: Option-Pricing Models (PDF)


Module FV204: Bonds and Duration (PDF)


Module FV205: Financial and Economic Modeling (PDF)


IAVFA's Professional Certifications and Continuing Education Programs in Businesses and Intangible Assets Valuation:


Module FV301: The Income Approach and Cost of Capital (PDF)


Module FV302: The Market Approach, Asset Approach and Discounts and Premiums (PDF)


Module FV303: Valuation of Pass-Through Entities (PDF)


Module FV304: Valuation of Intangible Assets (PDF)


Module FV305: Corporate Finance Valuations (PDF)


IAVFA's Professional Certifications and Continuing Education Programs in Derivatives and Complex Financial Instruments Valuation:


Module FV401: Options and Futures Markets (PDF)


Module FV402: Derivative Products and Financial Actuarial Science (PDF)


Module FV403: Advanced Derivatives (PDF)


Module FV404: Derivatives Modeling Using VBA (PDF)


Module FV405: Quantitative Finance Valuations (PDF)


The Israel Association of Valuators and Financial Actuaries (IAVFA) is a professional organization, an institution for professional training and a body which specializes in placing professional employees in the financial sector in Israel. IAVFA strives to voluntarily regulate the professions of valuation and financial actuarial science in Israel, both by setting pre-qualification requirements, ethical principles for practitioners in these professions, and by training and certifying quality professionals for these professions. IAVFA provides both placement services in order to integrate its credentialed members in leading positions within the Israeli labor market, and mediation services between valuation consumers and valuation specialists.

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