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Career Benefits‏

IAVFA's certifications, as the Israeli recognized professional designations for Valuators and Financial Actuaries, clearly differentiates you from your peers, providing you with a competitive advantage with colleagues, clients and prospective employers. Whether you estimate financial value or measure financial risk, achieving IAVFA's certifications is a career enhancer.


Stand out to employers

Employers in Israel realize that the IAVFA's certification programs prepare candidates with the specialized knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the dynamic financial services industry. IAVFA's designations are by far the best known and most respected designation for financial value or financial risk.


Develop your knowledge and expertise

Mastering the concepts underlying valuation and financial actuarial science in today's dynamic market environment will give you a holistic view of valuation and financial actuarial science. Through IAVFA's certification programs, you will gain state-of-the-art knowledge that is useful on the job every day, because IAVFA's certification programs are designed and updated twice a year by Israeli leading value and risk professionals to reflect current marketplace issues.


Join the elite group

IAVFA's certifications provide you with a lifelong platform to network with the Israeli most prominent valuation and financial actuarial science professionals, expanding your professional opportunities within the the Israeli financial services industry. So by becoming a IAVFA's certified you will become part of an elite group.


Demonstrate your leadership

Mastering the content of IAVFA's certification programs, successfully passing IAVFA's certification exams, and submitting IAVFA's certification reports requires completing the many hours of self-study represents a significant commitment to the valuation and financial actuarial science professions, positioning you as a leader in these fields and signifying your commitment to professional excellence.


Confirm your achievements

Real-world experience is an essential component of attaining IAVFA's certifications. No other financial value or financial risk designations in Israel requires candidates to submit a professional valuation/financial actuarial science report as a proxy for professional experience - so becoming a IAVFA's certified means considerably more than passing 5 exams.


Enhance your reputation

All IAVFA's certified members are expected to adhere to principles that promote the highest levels of ethical conduct and disclosure beyond following the letter of applicable rules and regulations. Employers know that IAVFA's will help safeguard their firms' reputations.

The Israel Association of Valuators and Financial Actuaries (IAVFA) is a professional organization, an institution for professional training and a body which specializes in placing professional employees in the financial sector in Israel. IAVFA strives to voluntarily regulate the professions of valuation and financial actuarial science in Israel, both by setting pre-qualification requirements, ethical principles for practitioners in these professions, and by training and certifying quality professionals for these professions. IAVFA provides both placement services in order to integrate its credentialed members in leading positions within the Israeli labor market, and mediation services between valuation consumers and valuation specialists.

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